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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Surprisingly, there is very little advice on the net for sharpening a potato peeler, and yet it is a simple and effective procedure. Many would ask, "Why sharpen a peeler when they are cheap to replace?". Simply because even brand new, a peeler works best when it's sharp - and even new ones are sometimes dull. Additionally, we live in a "throw away" society, and if you are like me, you'd like to resist the urge to just toss everything at the first impulse. So, simply follow these instructions, and your peeler can become a family legacy you can leave to your grandkids!

By running the tip of a paring knife along each blade of your peeler, the metal-on-metal action will restore some of your blade's edge. Most don't even notice their peelers starting to dull, but once you give this tip a try you'll dig how much less resistance you'll have as you take on potato after potato, carrot after carrot, this holiday season.

The same trick can be applied to any metal grater or blade in your kitchen. If you have the patience, try sharpening up your box grater or cheese slicer. Hit up discount stores, as you can usually find paring knives right around the dollar mark, and you won't mind if they get roughed up a bit.

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