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Client Reviews

Nicole Draves "****"
Chad catered my wedding in May 2010 and the food was fablous!!!

Everyone including myself and my new husband were very pleased with not only the set up, but all of the food in general.

Chad met with us numerous times before our wedding to make sure everything went the way we wanted it to go. Chad and his staff came the evening before to set up and make sure we were happy with the layout.

The focus was on "what we wanted and how...It was our day" Believe it or not, not all caters feel this way-believe me...We met with alot. Chad and his staff were a pleasure to deal with and we would recommend them to anyone who needs a cater. No matter the size of event, you would not regret choosing Bolster's!

Thank you so much to Chad and his staff for making our wedding meal a memorible one!

Brad and Nicole Draves
Erin Wilkie-Montgomery "*****" Chad catered my friends wedding that I helped plan and the food was excellent as well as the presentation of the food. We were served Roast Beef, Potatoes, Veggies, Salad and Pasta Salad. The Pasta Salad was the best pasta salad I have ever had....yummy! Starting up my Event Planning Business (Trendz Event Planning Inc.) I will definitely be adding Bolster Catering to my vendor list for recommendations for my future clients!
Jen Christine "*****" I have known Chad for nearly 5 years now. He is an excellent chef. I have never been disappointed with anything that he has served. Not to mention he is excellent in customer service and makes you feel at home. His menu plans are extraordinary and he sure knows how to please the taste buds!
Chad and Alisa (Bolster's Catering) did the luncheon following the baptism of our grand-daughters. They came in to our house while we were at the church service, and by the time we and our guests returned, everything was prepared for a sumptuous... feast. The food and display were amazing. After the event, the clean-up they did left no trace they had been here, except for the leftover and very delicious food, which we enjoyed over the next few days.

Audrey Skinner